Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

When you contact your wireless carrier on Social Media or via email, you add your name to the growing list of consumers who want free radio on their mobile device. If carriers that have not already activated FM see enough demand among consumers, they will offer FM-enabled devices, as some of their competitors have already done.

How does the NextRadio app work?

NextRadio is a hybrid radio app that uses the FM chip in your smartphone or tablet to receive local FM radio stations, and your smartphone’s Internet connection to provide artist and song information, album art, and other visual enhancements and interactive capabilities.

Can I get free radio on my phone?

You can see a list of FM-capable devices by visiting

Why doesn’t my carrier activate the chip?

Some wireless carriers do not see much demand for FM radio on mobile devices because there are so many Internet-based options. But in an emergency, cell towers and Internet access may be unavailable. In this case, FM radio might be your only source for important information. Contact your carrier to let them know that FM radio on your smartphone is important to you.

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