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Below you will find some great resources to help promote the effort to unlock FM in today’s smartphones. If you have any questions, please contact for more information.

Web Banners


Here is a link to download web banners for use on your station’s website. There are two messages to choose from to encourage listeners to visit the site to learn more. Please link all banners to

Radio Spot Scripts

Below are sample scripts to use as you produce your radio spots in support of FM chip activation.

Would you like to get updates on your smartphone in an emergency even if a cell phone tower is down? It is possible if the FM Chip is activated in your phone. Learn more at Sponsored by NextRadio app.

An enabled FM Chip in your smartphone can make the difference in an emergency situation by allowing you to still hear critical updates. It will also let you listen to your local NPR/APM using three times less battery and twenty times less data than streaming. Learn more at Sponsored by NextRadio app.

Sample Social Media Posts


Below are sample social media posts for promoting on Facebook, Twitter, and in any other way you connect with your listeners using social media. Right click and save images below, or download both by clicking here. Links from social media posts should lead users to

Did you know that listening to the radio through the FM chip in your phone uses 20x less data and is 3x better for your battery life than streaming music apps? Find out if your Android phone is compatible. Learn more at

Every smartphone has a built-in FM receiver, but some carriers don’t turn it on. Why is this important? It can provide you or a loved one with critical emergency updates if a cell tower goes down. Visit to learn which phones are compatible and how you can help.

Most streaming apps cost money. Would you like FREE, live, local radio? See if your Android phone is compatible. Visit to learn more.

In cases of emergency, your phone could provide you with critical information. Help join the cause of getting wireless carriers and manufacturers to turn on the FM chip already inside smartphones. Visit to learn more.

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